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How to get to the Princes' Islands ?

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To get to the Princes' Islands there is a lot of ways in summer, in winter as well.
Basically there are 2 types of tariff, between mid-June to mid-September "Summer Schedule", September to June with the "Winter Schedule" applies.

    From European side: Direct voyages to the islands of the European sides of the piers Kabataş, Avcilar, Karakoy and Eminonu.
  • From Kabataş:
  • Traditional Ferry : Regular boat trips available in summer and winter. Sehir Hatlari holding company. Fees are going great, but the journey to Buyukada Heybeliada or take 1 hour to 1.5 hours should take into account. For about 45 minutes to 1 hour and Kinaliada Burgazada progress.
  • Motorboat : frequent boats also in summer in the winter there. Holding companies in the Dentur and the Mavi Marmara. Fee ferryboats cheaper. Fast Catamaran is expensive. Heybeliada and Buyukada delivers approximately 1 hour.
  • Fast Catamaran : Frequent catamarans in summer time. IDO is the main company. However, the number of trips to the islands in winter, very few. For this reason, many used winter tariff. Traditional ferryboats costs high, but they are advantageous to get to Buyukada in 45 minutes.
  • From Avcilar:
  • Motorboat : There is boats in summer time, winter time no. Dentur is holding firm. Although price is expensive, Avcilar Kabatas advantageous for eliminating the trouble to go.
  • From Eminonu and Karakoy:
  • Motorboat : Have voyages in summer time, winter time almost negligible. Turyol is holding firm. Kinaliada, Burgazada, Halki and there Buyukada services. Advantageous as well, if you want to go to the island in the evening Karakoy or Eminonu saves you the trouble of going to Kabatas.
    From Asian Side: Direct ferries to the islands from Asian Side are Bostanci and Maltepe, Kartal.
  • From Bostanci:
  • Traditional Ferry: Regular boat trips available in summer and winter. Sehir Hatlari holding company. They were going as fast as ferries in recent years but is now too slow motors is watching. Motorboats cost the same. But ferries have much longer travel time. If there is a reason to use ferry for the nostalgic an option to choose.
  • Motorboat : frequent boats also in summer in the winter there. Mavi Marmara, is holding firm. Even a half hour at a time during the winter months there. Except that a lot of air windy Bostanci to the most appropriate option to go to the island.
  • Fast Catamaran : Write in the winter, there are rare expeditions. IDO is holding firm. Bostanci islands is already short in progress. Yakinlardaa may be preferred to another time if you do not. If there is no advantage over the Motorboats.
  • From Kartal:
  • Motorboat : Winter time and summer time there are also frequent. Prenstur is holding firm. Akbil is not used. Kartal, the best option Pendik come by. Because 25 minutes ride from Buyukada, Heybeliada takes 35 minutes.
  • From Maltepe:
  • Motorboat : 3 times per day in summer and winter. Mavi Marmara, is holding firm. Coming Maltepe or going to Maltepe a viable option, Kartal If you do not make more sense to ride or Bostanci.
    Departure from any point on Istanbul:
  • Water Taxi : A Water Taxi is possible to reach the islands from the 23 ferry docks. But the fees are very high. For example, the taxi fee is 100 liras to 16 minutes between the Buyukada. Heybeliada with the 37 minutes and 200 liras from Eminonu. 1o people can get into Sea taxi at the same time. If you are in a crowded and ferry / Motorboat you do not want to wait for a suitable alternative.

Please check timetables to islands.

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